Sunday, November 19, 2017

GATRA: Wareham - New Bedford Connection

What the heck is this route and where did it come from? The Wareham - New Bedford Connection sprung up on the GATRA website with this announcement page, featuring two maps saying exactly the same thing, some points of interest at each terminus of the route, and the awkward sentence, "Starting February 6, 2017, GATRA and SRTA are starting a new bus service between Wareham and New Bedford." This is all a lot of hype for a route that only runs Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, isn't it??

It gets its own bus, too?!
What exactly is the route? Well, this is a partnership between the GATRA and the SRTA to bridge the gap between the two systems and provide an important connection between Wareham and New Bedford. Okay, first of all, the SRTA is one of the better RTAs in Massachusetts (I'll talk about my ride on one of their routes later on) while the GATRA is one of the worst, so...that's an interesting partnership. Also, may I remind you that the route only runs Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday???

Cutting-edge farebox technology right here.
I couldn't see any fareboxes when I got on, so I assumed people just gave it to the driver. When I tried to do that, he pointed behind him at a rusty metal box. Oh my God, that is literally the farebox, isn't it? Aside from that, the minibus was fine, but I got a good laugh out of the insanely primitive farebox.

A single train track.
We headed down Cranberry Highway and turned onto Depot Street. This was residential for the most part, but there were some industrial buildings when we crossed a train track, then turned onto Minot Ave, joining the 1. It was mostly woods, aside from the occasional housing development.

The street became Narrows Road, which was mostly marshy aside from a shipyard. Next, we crossed over the Wareham River and merged onto Main Street, going through Wareham Village. There were a lot of charming buildings that could theoretically house retail, but a lot of them were either vacant or boring.

Some side street.
After leaving the village, we turned onto Chapel Street, passing the Wareham Library, Middle School, and Town Hall. There was a mix of houses and retail from there, including a Shaw's that we had to deviate into. The road turned into Marion Road, and the scenery got pretty darn woodsy for the most part.

That didn't last too long, though, as we soon crossed over the Weweantic River, giving us an absolutely fantastic view. This took us into Marion, where there were more trees and houses and the street became Wareham Road. We also got the occasional retail break, such as a shopping plaza and a fish market.

Some boats!
After going by a cove, more businesses started to show up along the road. Soon after that, we arrived at a cluster of retail, but it was basically just a few gas stations and suburban businesses. We went by a private boarding school and the Marion Police Department as we curved south on Mill Street, then it was more woods. The route unfortunately bypasses Marion Center, which looks incredibly charming - it's about a ten minute walk from the route.

A historic-looking cemetery.
After a few industrial buildings and a cemetery, the road became entirely sparse houses and forest, eventually turning into only the latter. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge school came up...and then it was woods again. However, as we entered Mattapoisett, some residential and retail buildings started to appear once more.

Some houses.
For the next while, it was mostly just houses and suburban businesses along what was now called County Road. There was one point where the retail with parking lots got just a little bit denser, and I think that might have been "downtown Mattapoisett," in which case...gross! It became Fairhaven Road after that mess, and it continued to be that mix of houses and businesses.

Part of "downtown Mattapoisett"...ew!
We went over the narrow Mattapoisett River, and after more of the same scenery, the road became Huttleston Ave and we entered Fairhaven. This leaned a little more on the residential side of things, but it was still that mix that we had been seeing for most of the route (albeit a little denser). All of a sudden, the road got really wide and a slew of shopping malls came out of nowhere.

Aw man...
We turned onto Route 240 at this point, which was basically a highway. Next, we turned onto Bridge Street, then Mill Road, in order to serve the Southcoast Health System, two hospitals. We returned to Route 240 and continued north. It soon led us to an interchange with I-195, onto which we headed west for an express section!

Serving the hospital.
The scenery was basically forest all the way until we crossed the Acushnet River into New Bedford. Once there, we took Exit 15 onto Route 18, another highway that went by a lot of industrial buildings. We eventually took an exit onto Purchase Street, which curved its way past a variety of dense buildings with different uses. Things started to get denser, but before we entered the heart of downtown New Bedford, we turned into the SRTA Terminal, finishing quite a long and diverse trip.

A minibus with a full-sized bus behind it...this just doesn't look right!
The back of the bus
GATRA Route: Wareham - New Bedford Connection

Ridership: This is a very new route, so there aren't any public ridership statistics yet. My ride had two other people - one of them was a very kind woman who talked to me for much of the trip, and made the journey unique and enjoyable. Two people is of course terrible ridership, but we'll see why it's that low soon.

Pros: This route has so much potential! It serves some decently populated towns right along their main drags and connects up important sections of the region, as well as two bus systems. Seriously, this route could be great.

Cons: The GATRA and the SRTA worked for four years to make this route happen. You would think that would mean they wouldn't, I dunno, set it up to fail? Honestly, those 2 people seem like a lot more when you see that the route runs Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays only, with trips at 7:30, 9:30, 2:00, and 4:00. Yeah, you know what, if two whole people are willing to ride this thing with that schedule, that's a heck of a lot of riders!

Nearby and Noteworthy: This is technically the only way to get to New Bedford by local transportation (Commuter Rail to Lakeville Connector to this)! Also, Marion Center looks really charming if you're willing to make the short walk.

Final Verdict: 2/10
If this route ran, say, every hour throughout the week, I could see it getting a 6 or a well as a lot more riders. I seriously think that if two people are willing to use this (and obviously more people on other trips) in its current state, it could be a really successful route if it had an actual schedule! As it is, though, this route is absolutely useless. Just look at this article try to come up with ways you can use this thing! For example, when talking about making connections from GATRA routes in Wareham, it says "the buses run just a tad earlier than the Connection, arriving at Cranberry Plaza well before it arrives. However there are several fast food restaurants in the area to get a cup of coffee while you wait." If that's not reaching to make the route sound good, I don't know what is.

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Saturday, November 18, 2017

GATRA: Link 2 (Cranberry Plaza to Buzzards Bay)

Wareham is considered by some to be part of the Cape. I personally would disagree - to me, you're only on the Cape if you go over the canal. we're actually visiting the Cape, because the 2 heads into Bourne, canal and all!

I didn't have time to get an exterior shot of the bus, so here's a water park!
We went onto Cranberry Highway from Cranberry Plaza, going by a mess of random places, including the water park seen above. Once we turned onto Main Ave, though, it became entirely residential, and they were dense houses at that. They continued even after we went over Broad Cove and merged onto Union Ave.

This review totally isn't three months late...just ignore the people enjoying the summer beach.
We reached the lovely Onset Village, but instead of going further into it like the 1, we went the other way, turning eastward onto Onset Ave. This took us right alongside Onset Beach, and the view was really nice. We went over the East River, and there was one last stretch of dense houses on the other side.

Why not, here's another amazing view!
The houses got further apart soon, though. We went by a golf course, and later on, we came very close to yet another body of water, Butler Cove. Next, Onset Ave went over some train tracks, the scenery got industrial, and we turned onto Cranberry Highway again. That became Main Street once we went over the Cohasset Narrows and entered Bourne.

This route is so scenic!
We went around a rotary, merged onto Main Street, and entered..."Downtown Buzzards Bay," I guess? It was pretty interesting - although there were definitely places that looked somewhat noteworthy, a good amount of the center was either suburbanized or vacant. We also passed the "Commuter Rail" CapeFlyer station at Buzzards Bay!

That glorious railroad bridge really contrasts with the crap in the foreground...
There were more random suburban businesses as we continued down Main Street, plus a nice little pond at one point. Eventually we arrived at another rotary and took it around onto a highway ramp. What highway, you ask? Oh, just THE FREAKIN' BOURNE BRIDGE!!!

Thus, we went over the Cape Cod Canal with one of the most incredible views any Massachusetts bus route can offer. On the other side of the bridge, we went around yet another rotary and merged onto Trowbridge Road, where the route was supposed to end at the Bourne Park and Ride. However, this is when things got...weird.

This isn't the Park and Ride!
We went by houses, a few schools, and a baseball field, then we turned onto Waterhouse Road outside of a few businesses. This was woods for a little bit, then residences started to come up, then office buildings, mostly health-related. We pulled into a seemingly random one, Paesano Place, looped around, and just went back up Waterhouse Road.

Well, there's parking, but we're still not in the right place...
Coming back to the beginning of the street, we now made our way onto Sandwich Road. It took us past a library, a church, and some more houses. After that, we turned onto Veterans Way, looped back around onto an unnamed road, deviated to serve a Quality Inn, and finally made our way into the Bourne Park and Ride. Uhhhh...what?

Now, it's worth noting that on the way back, the 2 takes a slightly different route when it reenters Wareham. Rather than going via Onset Village like the outbound routing, inbound trips just stay on Cranberry Highway, a mess of random suburban businesses with parking lots. It's essentially just that until it makes it back to Cranberry Plaza.

Another view from the other side of the Bourne Bridge!
GATRA Route: Link 2 (Cranberry Plaza to Buzzards Bay)

Ridership: The route gets an average of 76 riders per weekday and 29 riders per Saturday, averaging out to about 6-8 people per round trip. Huh...well, that's not too great, is it? My ride actually had no riders in either direction, but the driver said that was an anomaly.

Pros: The more I think about this route, the more I realize there isn't all that much that's good about it. Well, it goes over the Bourne Bridge, and that's absolutely amazing. Also, some of the trips time with Peter Pan buses in Bourne, which is nice. The route runs every hour on weekdays and every two hours on Saturdays, which matches the ridership all right. But...that's really about it.

Cons: There are a multitude of problems I could talk about, such as the strange one-way routing to Onset Village, the inevitable traffic problems when crossing the Bourne Bridge, the weird padding (we left Buzzards Bay 6 minutes early going outbound), the confusing call-in flex service the route has in Bourne, or the fact that that whole loop we did before the park-and-ride was completely absent from the schedule. I think the biggest drawback for this route, though, is that it doesn't need to run - it's completely paralleled by the CCRTA Bourne Run route. Sure, that only runs every 90 minutes on weekdays only, but it travels much further (down to Mashpee) and it's more direct to Bourne.

Nearby and Noteworthy: The Bourne Bridge! That view is so incredible!

Final Verdict: 3/10
This route is used by at least a few people, but I don't know if it's enough to justify keeping the service around, especially since the whole thing runs with the CCRTA. The CCRTA admittedly doesn't run Saturday service on its Bourne route, but I still think the GATRA and the CCRTA should come up with some sort of agreement regarding this corridor - it seems to me that it would be much more efficient to just run the CCRTA along here.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

GATRA: Link 3 (Shangri-La to Cranberry Plaza)

Cool, a complete stinker that's also really short. Let's get the 3 out of the way.

We headed out from Cranberry Plaza onto Cranberry Highway, which split into two one-way sections. Along this bit, we turned onto Glen Charlie Road, going along Union Pond and over Route 25. There were somewhat dense houses for about a minute, then it was just woods. Occasionally there would be sparse residences, but it wasn't much. Eventually, we pulled into a 7-Eleven (although the schedule still calls it Tedeschi's), and that was it.

Woods, woods, woods.
GATRA Route: Link 3 (Shangri-La to Cranberry Plaza)

Ridership: For the first time...I don't trust the numbers. Look, I just don't see how this tiny route can get 26 people per day. That would mean over 6 people per round trip! But since my round trip garnered a total of one other person, the other trips would need to have over 8 people to meet that 26 number...and that just doesn't seem possible! The driver even told me that only two people use the route every day, so something tells me GATRA made some sort of mistake when counting its ridership.

Pros: As far as I can see, absolutely nothing.

Cons: This route serves practically nothing. A few houses here and there, but nothing substantial enough to justify a bus service. There's actually a sizeable residential neighborhood north of the route's terminus, but since this has to get back in time to do the 4, it can't go further. Anyway, even if the route did have a good ridership base, who would want to use it? It only has four hourly trips, weekdays-only - a very limiting schedule.

Nearby and Noteworthy: 7-Eleven, and that's literally it.

Final Verdict: 1/10
I don't trust those ridership numbers at all. Usually I'm a stickler for data, but my real-life experience with the 3 doesn't match up with GATRA's statistics, not even close. I could totally see GATRA making a mistake with their numbers, anyway. Yeah, this is a prime route to get rid of, because from what I can tell, it's useless.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

GATRA: Link 4 (Cranberry Plaza to West Wareham)

Argh, I'm getting deja vu! The truck minibus...the double-deviation...this is literally the same thing as the Wareham Middleborough/Lakeville MBTA Connector. The only difference is that the Link 4 only goes about halfway.

We left Cranberry Plaza on Cranberry Highway, which briefly split into two one-way sections before coming together again. It was industrial for the most part, with only the occasional residential neighborhood or cranberry bog popping up. And then, out of nowhere, we made a slight deviation from the MBTA Connector in the form of...a deviation. To the YMCA. Uh-huh, cool, good to see that my ride had exactly 0 people using the GATRA to get to the gym. What kind of stupid deviation is this??

We returned to Cranberry Highway and went over the Wareham River. After passing the sketchy-looking but apparently very good Mill Pond Diner, it went back to being mostly industrial. However, some businesses eventually showed up, and once we went over I-195, it was time for that double-deviation to the Wareham Crossing shopping center, then Walmart. Well...according to the schedule, at least. We just skipped right by!

Instead, we just continued down Cranberry Highway, going by more industry, houses, bogs, houses, woods, and industry, in that order. Once we got to County Road, which had a few businesses and Wareham District Court, we just pulled into a 7-Eleven gas station and turned around. That was it. Also, on the way back, we did do that double-deviation.

GATRA Route: Link 4 (Cranberry Plaza to West Wareham)

Ridership: The ridership for this route initially seems low: it gets 53 passengers per weekday and 29 per Saturday. However, because of the number of trips this route has, it ends up averaging out to about ten people per round trip. That's not terrible for GATRA standards.

Pros: I find it interesting that this route gets a good amount of ridership, since from what I can see, it doesn't really serve all that much. However, I guess a good amount of people does use this, so that's a good thing! The route's core schedule is sensible for the amount of riders it gets, with trips every hour on weekdays and every two hours on Saturdays.

Cons: First of all, that YMCA deviation felt really pointless. Maybe people on other trips take the bus there, but it seems a little fishy to me. Secondly, I don't know why my trip skipped the double-deviation going outbound, but I really like that. Technically the route isn't supposed to do it, but I like it a lot more. And actually, I have a sneaking suspicion as to why we skipped that deviation: this route seems to get late really easily. It gets absolutely no layover time at the terminus, and if it's actually expected to perform all the deviations, it's near-impossible to be on time. Also, it's really annoying that the schedule for the 4 includes some (not even all) of the MBTA Connector trips - all it does is make everything more confusing. Keep them as separate routes.

Nearby and Noteworthy: Geez, I guess Wareham Crossing has some generic mall retail? There really isn't much along the 4.

Final Verdict: 4/10
The 4 gets a 4! This is a route that's clearly useful to a decent amount of people, but it has so many easily-fixable problems that drag it down. For example, does the YMCA really need to be served? Granted, I don't have ridership data, so maybe scores of people use this route to get there, but I find that hard to believe. Secondly, the route is a recipe for lateness, and eliminating the double-deviation in one direction would help rectify that. It's not that big of an inconvenience for passengers, although I personally don't see much point in running the route beyond the Walmart anyway - there's not much there. Finally, the schedule can be simplified by eliminating the MBTA Connector trips and moving them back to the timetable where they belong.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

GATRA: Link 1 (Wareham/Onset/Wareham)

Is this...a useful GATRA route? That people...use? What?? Wow!!! Apparently the Link 1 is a halfway-decent bus!

Okay, the vehicle itself is terrible, but the route is good! This is at Cranberry Plaza.
I'm starting this review at the southern terminus of this route, which is a loop around a suburban neighborhood called "Cromeset" (although everyone other than GATRA seems to call it "Cromesett" with an extra T). We made the little loop, then we went up Cromesett Road, which continued to be residential. We also had to do a weird little deviation to serve what I think is some sort of housing building (Google Maps doesn't label it and my picture isn't very good).

I dunno what this place is!
There were a few businesses as we merged onto Marion Road, but it still remained mostly residential. Interestingly, Marion Road was also Route 6, the same Route 6 that continues onto the Cape to become its main thoroughfare. Anyway, we soon turned onto Swifts Beach Road, making what could be considered a "deviation," but it was a busy one.

Deviating to a residential neighborhood that's not a housing development? Woah!
We went by some relatively spread-out houses at first, but there were also some developments along the way. As we got closer to the namesake of Swifts Beach Road, everything got denser, and soon there were lots of houses all squashed together. We did a little loop via some very narrow streets to turn around, and although it was sad that we didn't get to go all the way down to the beach itself, this deviation netted us three paying passengers and two kids!

Grant Street was one of those tiny loop streets.
Thus, we made our way back up Swifts Beach Road and came onto Marion Road again. We did a brief deviation to serve a small Shaw's (the kind of deviation so short that you wonder why people can't just walk across the parking lot from the street, but oh well - it's GATRA we're talking about), then we went by the Wareham Town Hall and Middle School. There were a few more houses as we turned onto Main Street, but things were about to change.

An interesting view coming out of Shaw's.
Soon we came into Wareham Village, offering a slew of businesses along Main Street. Unfortunately, most of the retail buildings were either boring or flat-out unoccupied, but, had potential? There was even a "Commuter Rail station" in the form of the CapeFlyer stop here!

Going over the Wareham River.
We crossed over the Wareham River, where most trips would merge onto Minot Ave. However, I made sure to do one of the rare Link 1 trips that also serves Agawam Village, so we actually stayed on Sandwich Road for a bit. The Agawam Village deviation was well-executed, since the housing development was used as a path to make our way back to Minot Ave. It's weird that it only happens three times per day, though.

We used Indian Neck Road to return to Minot.
Now safely on Minot Ave again, we sped past sandy woods, suburban houses, and the occasional residential development (one of which, Brandy Hill Apartments, we deviated to). There were a few random retail and industrial buildings where we merged onto Onset Ave, which became lined with houses. They got denser and denser as we got closer and closer to Onset Village, until...

Here we are!
All of a sudden, there were lots of charming businesses housed in really nice-looking buildings on both sides of the street. It wasn't perfect - there were a few vacant lots and uninteresting businesses here and there - but it felt much more lively than Wareham Village. Plus, after we turned onto Union Ave and went through a brief residential neighborhood, there was a lovely section right along Broad Cove as we left the village!

I love the lone boat in the water!
There were dense houses for a little while, but once we crossed a single train track and turned onto Cranberry Highway, it all fell apart. It was just a mess of completely random buildings, including a go-cart center, a trailer park, and a water park. After that mess, which was thankfully brief, we turned into Cranberry Plaza, the hub of the Wareham routes.

See ya!
GATRA Route: Link 1 (Wareham/Onset/Wareham)

Ridership: This is, believe it or not, the 5th-busiest route on the GATRA. You really wouldn't know it from looking at it, would you? The GATRA runs way quieter routes that actually use full-sized buses, while the 1 is stuck with these horrible minibuses. Well,
 anyway, it gets 157 riders per weekday and 135 per Saturday, which averages out to about 15 people per round-trip - not bad! My bus was even briefly at seating capacity. I've never seen that happen on a minibus!

Pros: This route clearly serves a lot of people, including some very dense residential neighborhoods. It has a good schedule overall for its ridership, running every hour on weekdays and Saturdays. I also think that the 1 may quite possibly have the most efficient deviations for a GATRA minibus route. Almost all of them got people!

Cons: Okay, but some of them were still stupid. For example, the Shaw's one didn't seem all that necessary, since the store was so close to the road anyway. Also, the one to that random building in Cromesett was just weird. The Agawam Village deviation did actually get people, but it's so strange that the route only serves it three times per day - that just seems inconvenient for residents of the development. Also, why do almost none of the deviations show up on the route map or schedule?

Nearby and Noteworthy: I really liked Onset Village! It had interesting businesses, lovely buildings, and some great views, to boot.

Final Verdict: 7/10
The 1 is a really solid route, especially for GATRA. It clearly gets well-used, it serves some very important neighborhoods, it has a decent clockface schedule, and it features some nice views. I took off points because it uses minibuses (lame!), but more importantly because some of the deviations seem pointless, and most of them don't even show up on the map! Still, this is a legitimately good route from GATRA, with most of the deviations getting decent ridership. Wow.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

GATRA: Wareham/Middleborough/Lakeville MBTA Connector

GATRA! GATRA GATRA GATRA GATRA GATRA! I MISSED YOU, MY FRIEND! IT'S BEEN TOO LONG! LET'S HEAD DOWN TO WAREHAM ON THE...UH..."Wareham/Middleborough/Lakeville MBTA Connector." Really slips off the tongue, GATRA.

Wait, that says "OWL Link 4"...
Ah, so it turns out that the "Wareham/Middleborough/Lakeville MBTA Connector" is actually an extension of the Link 4 in Wareham. This leads to some confusion between the two, which we'll talk about later. Also, the route was using one of those horrible "truck" minibuses that I can't stand - the suspension is horrible, the bus is loud, and the wheelchair lift is extra-jiggly.

I can see into Lakeville!
We made our way out of the Middleborough/Lakeville parking lot onto Commercial Drive, then we turned onto South Main Street. This took us under I-495, and outside of some suburban businesses, we turned onto East Grove Street. There was a huge variety of scenery along here, including schools, houses, and businesses.

Some gross scenery.
The buildings started to get sparser eventually, with patches of forest becoming more common. There was still that mix of houses and businesses with the buildings that remained, though. We went under I-495 again, and after some more diverse places (including a cemetery exclusively for pets), we arrived at the South Middleborough timepoint, which isn't anywhere special.

A rear view shot!
We went by a cemetery (for humans this time), a church, and a fire station, then it became primarily residential, albeit with a few random industrial buildings here and there. At one point, we passed some cranberry bogs, the hallmark of this part of Massachusetts. It got industrial for a little while after that, at least until we hit some retail at the intersection with County Road.

Some of that industry.
A few things happened during this section. Firstly, we entered Wareham and the road became Cranberry Highway. Secondly, right after County Road, one of the bus's passengers got out at the Wareham District Court...with a briefcase! Someone had actually taken the train out to Middleborough and used the GATRA to reverse-commute to work! That is the craziest thing ever!

Someone commuted here!!!!!!
We went over a small river, then passed more houses and cranberry bogs. It got more industrial later on, with factories and warehouses everywhere. And just when I thought that for once GATRA had the ability to create a logical bus route...we deviated into a Walmart. A Walmart! On a rush hour-only commuter route! ARE YOU SERIOUS?

But perhaps that was a fluke. A one-off. We came back to Cranberry Highway, where surely we would be able to keep on chugging towards our terminus. But after travelling for a block, literally a block, we made another deviation to serve a shopping mall!!!!

After the double-deviation had been performed (garnering no passengers, incidentally), we returned to Cranberry Highway and went over I-195. There was a mixture of industrial buildings and businesses on the other side of the crossing. However, there were a few houses after we went over the Wareham River, but it went back to what we were seeing before pretty quickly.

Cranberry bogs!
There was a whole smorgasbord of different uses for a while, but we got a brief section of woods as Cranberry Highway split into two one-way sections. Once that traffic pattern ended, there were suburban businesses with parking lots everywhere, and we pulled into our terminus, Cranberry Plaza. Time to ride some more GATRA buses from here!

Nope, still says "OWL LINK 4."
GATRA Route: Wareham/Middleborough/Lakeville MBTA Connector

Ridership: This route gets very low ridership, with only about 25 passengers per day. That averages out to a mere two people per trip, which is indeed the exact number of people mine had.

Pros: Still, despite the very low ridership, I think GATRA has something here. Seeing even one person using the bus to reverse-commute was promising, and the route offers even better opportunities for regular commuters. It only runs during rush hour, but for the most part, it times quite well with trains running in both directions.

Cons: Don't get me wrong, though, this route has a lot of problems. First of all, there's that stupid double-deviation. Eliminate it. This bus is not for shopping. Secondly, the route should be considered separate from the Link 4. At the moment, they're sort of considered to be the same route, but all it does is lead to confusion, particularly on the schedule for the 4. And finally, there's the ridership. Yes, it's very low. Solutions range from running fewer trips to advertising the route better - anything they can do to get more people onto this thing is great, because this could be a very valuable connection.

Nearby and Noteworthy: If you ever wanted to get to Wareham by local bus, this is the way to do it. There's a water park next to Cranberry Plaza!

Final Verdict: 4/10
I really think this route has potential. The area it serves is an isolated dead zone for transit to Boston, but this route could theoretically bridge the gap into the city. If the deviations were eliminated, it could offer a straight, direct trip to the Commuter Rail. Maybe a section of Cranberry Plaza could be used as a park-and-ride so people from the area can come in and take the bus to the train. Until then, though, this is a very underperforming route, and it will continue to be that way until a change is made.

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