Non-MBTA Bus Systems

Why stick to just the MBTA when there are so many other non-MBTA systems in the greater Boston area? This is a list of all of the Regional Transportation Authorities that connect to the MBTA Commuter Rail. There are links to the main websites for the Authorities, and linked routes are ones that I've reviewed.

  • 1 (Christian Hill)
  • 2 (Belvidere)
  • 3 (South Lowell)
  • 4 (Highlands via Stevens)
  • 5 (Westford Street/Drum Hill)
  • 6 (Broadway/UMass Lowell)
  • 7 (Pawtucketville/Umass Lowell North)
  • 8 (Centralville)
  • 9 (Lowell Circulator)
  • 10 (Dracut/Tyngsboro)
  • 11 (IRS/Raytheon via Route 133)
  • 12 (Tewksbury via Route 38/Wilmington Train Station)
  • 13 (Billerica via Edson)
  • 14 (Burlington Mall/Lahey Clinic)
  • 15 (Chelmsford/Westford via Route 129/110)
  • 16 (Chelmsford via Chelmsford Street)
  • 17 (North Chelmsford via Middlesex Street)
  • 18 (Downtown Shuttle)
  • 19 (SEASONAL: Pheasant Lane Mall via Middlesex Street)
  • 20 (Downtown/UMass North)
  • Kennedy Center


  1. One bus system that may be missing from this list is the Lexpress in Lexington:

    Though perhaps you omitted it because it does not connect with commuter rail (it does intersect with a number of MBTA bus lines in Lexington and Burlington), as the first paragraph says. But then neither do some of the other listings, so I thought I would suggest it anyway.

    1. I have ridden the Lexpress before. I'm wary about adding even more stuff to this long list, but I might consider doing Lexpress and Burlington B-Line - they could both be completed in a day each, I think.


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